The Bible
  The Bible is the best Book
The Book we hold so dear.
A story Book, a picture Book
A Book of songs to cheer.
The Bible tells of Jesus
Who came to earth from above
To show us His great love.
He's coming again by-and-by
For His born again children who will fly
Up to meet Him in the sky.

Spell it!
The B--i--B--L--E
Yes, that's the Book for me.
Don't you see?
The Word of God is
The B--I--B--L--E.

Do you know?

1. The Bible is God's Word and His Word is Truth.
2. The Bible has the answers to every day problems.
3. The Bible should be read every day.
4. The Bible has many important verses to be memorized.

Heaven and earth shall pass away, but my words
shall not pass away.     Matthew  24:35

Yes, Yes, Yes
I know that
Jesus loves me very much
For the Bible tells me so!

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